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Logo Use Policy:

Using the Nevada Self Storage Association (NVSSA) Logo is one of the benefits of your NVSSA membership. The logo distinguishes you from others in the marketplace, and assures customers of your adherence to high industry standards and the NVSSA’s Code of Ethics. Use the NVSSA Logo with pride, and continue the tradition and value of promoting your company and the NVSSA.

Carefully read this policy for using the NVSSA logo. It contains vital information that protects you and the association from the dangers of logo misuse.

By following these simple guidelines, you will help us preserve the integrity and prestige of the NVSSA and its logo.

What the NVSSA Logo Means and Does Not Mean

It means:

• As a NVSSA Member, you have agreed to adhere to the NVSSA Code of Ethics and have access to up to date industry information, including: professional certification and training, product testing and technical expertise, industry trends and statistical information, government and regulatory affairs, and marketing and communications.

• The NVSSA logo means only that the user is a NVSSA Member. It should not be misrepresented to others in the industry or to the general public.

It does not mean:

• Certification, accreditation, or approval of a company, an individual, a process, or a product.

• That NVSSA approves any sales, advertising, or other promotional materials or representations.

• That any particular level of quality or performance is guaranteed or assured by NVSSA.

• That any statements made to customers or the general public, are truthful and accurate.

• Anything else beyond identifying that the user is a member of NVSSA

    *Use of the Logo does not imply approval or endorsement by NVSSA of any individual, company, product or service.

Who CAN use the NVSSA Logo?

All regular dues-paying members in good standing.

Executives and employees of regular members in good standing.

Who CANNOT use the NVSSA Logo?


NVSSA members whose membership has lapsed or expired.

NVSSA members whose membership privileges have been terminated for nonpayment of dues or other reasons

You may use the NVSSA Logo on:

• Letterhead

• Business cards

• Other business documents (invoices, purchase orders, etc.)

• Company signs

• Company vehicles

• Product advertising (this does not include: product, label of a product, or point -of-sale packaging of a product)

Logo Use Guidelines

Logo Placement and Size

The NVSSA logo is available in a variety of styles and sizes (see attached logo sheet). NVSSA Members can use any variation of the NVSSA logo, provided it is a registered logo received through NVSSA.

If you have a NVSSA logo you did not receive from NVSSA, then it may not be the correct NVSSA logo.

Do not alter the appearance of the NVSSA logo in any way.

Do not place the NVSSA logo on a product, on the label of that product, or on point-of-sale packaging of a product.

A NVSSA member may include, on the product label, the following words in letters no larger than those used for the member's company name: Member, Nevada Self Storage Association

Make sure the word "Member" and the ® symbol appear as shown.

Place the NVSSA logo in secondary importance to your company name and/or logo, either by selecting a smaller overall size or by placing it in an area well removed from your company name and/or logo.

Print the NVSSA logo square to the surface on which it is used. Do not tilt the logo in any way.

Do not use any variation in proportion, typeface, or orientation, except in overall size.

Acceptable Logos to Use:

No Padding:

With Padding:

All White:

Please call us at 702-952-2455 or email info@nvssa.org if you require the picture files.

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